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Unlocking Luxury Bathrooms in Melbourne for Your Ultimate Retreat

Unlocking Luxury Bathrooms in Melbourne for Your Ultimate Retreat

The first thing we do in the morning is enter a bathroom to give a refreshing start to the day. So, complete Melbourne bathroom it needs to be unique, glamorous with beautiful taps, excellent shower heads and higher functionality – as per our expectations.

Is your bathroom able to satisfy your expectations? Are you bathing in your dream bathroom?

If not, then it’s time to redo. Doing Melbourne bathroom renovation could be daunting, but also exciting at the same time. So, how do you want your bathroom renovation experience to be? Let’s make it exciting by doing some planning, choosing the best amenities, and adding the WOW factor to it.

So, here are the things that can make your bathroom capable of providing you with a fantastic bathing experience.


Lighting plays a vital role in the success of bathroom design; either it can make or break your bathroom’s visual appearance. People expect various types of lighting for different tasks; for instance, they love task lighting for shaving or applying makeup, but they like soft lighting while taking a shower or bathing.

So, it’s essential to understand your requirements and choose lighting for your bathroom. We recommend bright lights on either side of the mirror or overhead. However, if that doesn’t suit you, consider Hollywood lighting bulbs around the mirror with a separate feature light in the middle of your bathroom.


Gone are the days when toilets were an eyesore; with ever-increasing innovation, they have become one of the luxurious items in a bathroom. Toilets nowadays are equipped with the latest technology, like night lights, heated seats, touchless flush systems, automatic lid openings, music players, and whatnot.

You can buy toilets with contemporary and modern designs, lines, and shapes that suit your bathroom’s theme. A luxurious toilet will enhance the look of your bathroom and make it a special place you don’t want to leave. Need not to mention the increase you’ll see after installing the modern toilet in the resale value when it’s time to shift to a new house.


When planning a bathroom renovations in melbourne redo, remember to choose the right mirror that elevates your experience in the bathroom. You can go for a large mirror as it will brighten up your room and open up the room with the bouncing light all around. From sleek and polished edges to coloured and timber frames, you can choose any type of mirror you prefer.

But if you want to add some extra elegance, don’t stop at one mirror; you can add an extra glamorous touch by buying a tri-mirror and getting a look at all facial angles while getting ready. Moreover, you can add a smaller mirror beneath the larger mirror with 3x magnification that you can swivel out when needed.


Double Vanity

Is your partner’s schedule run on similar timeframes as yours? Then, a double vanity is just made for couples like you. A double vanity is a large bench with two sinks sitting side by side, allowing two people to use the sink area simultaneously. These vanities generally have separate storage spaces so that both people can have their own space for storing their stuff.

However, if you prefer maximum counter space, you can consider having a large sink in the middle of the bench, allowing his and her makeup setup with an extra bench room the second sink would have taken up.

Double Vanity


Want to recreate the lovely feeling of standing in the rain right in your bathroom? Then, you must go for a rain showerhead!

Indeed, after a long hard-working day, all we want is a relaxing bath standing underneath the rain shower as it drenches our bodies. You can choose from a wide range of shower heads, from round to large and 8 to 10 inches in size.

One can also choose showerheads that can be mounted on the ceiling for an actual downpour. The most fantastic thing is that showerheads come with various settings so that you can personalise your shower experience. Some showerheads also have Bluetooth sound and ambient lighting options that let you immerse in the actual rain experience.

So, you have to select what type of experience you want while taking a shower and then choose a showerhead according to your preference.

On the Final Note

Imagine entering a beautiful Melbourne complete bathrooms with a luxurious toilet, ambient lighting, soft music, and a fantastic showerhead that gives you the feeling of standing in the rain. Isn’t that amazing? Renovate your bathroom and get this incredible experience at your bathroom. You just need some planning to design your bathroom like that.

This blog contains everything you need in your bathroom to give yourself the bathing experience you deserve and dream of. So, when are you renovating your bathroom? Let us know what you liked the most from our list!