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How to Budget a Bathroom Renovation for Under $5,000?

How to Budget a Bathroom Renovation for Under $5,000

Want to give your bathroom a new life but are tight on budget? A bathroom renovation is an expensive investment that can give it a new life and change its appeal to a great extent.

Whether you need to give your bathroom a luxurious or a contemporary outlook, we know how to make it a success.

Giving an amazingly beautiful appearance is possible in a budget of as low as $5,000, but you need to do certain things yourself, choose some affordable materials and need to compromise in some aspects.

In this budget, you can freshen up and modernise your bathroom walls, fixtures, lights, and other vanities.

If you have decided to revamp the outlook of your bathroom, here are some options to get started:

Wallpaper or Paint – Costs Up To $100

Wallpaper or Paint

One of the best ways to revive a new life in your old and dull looking bathroom is to paint the walls. A do-it-yourself wall painting is an affordable choice.

You can consider using an inexpensive paint brand with water resistance feature, this ensures that the paint job will last for longer.

In case, your bathroom is large enough to accommodate the paint job in less than $100, consider installing wallpaper.

Bathroom wallpapers are waterproof and available in a variety of patterns and colours and some of them look like real tiles.

Floorboards – Costs Up To $165


Replacing floor tiles can turn out to be an expensive project and generally costs more than $10,000. You can consider installing floorboards available in various colour options to refine the outlook of your floors.

Also, if your bathroom already has floorboards that are not too old, sanding them will give your floors a cosier outlook.

To protect these boards from moisture, hire bathroom renovators who can stain them with a clear or tinted varnish.

Bathtub or Shower – Costs Up To $2,300

Bathtub or Shower

One of the costliest bathroom renovations is either a bathtub fixture or a shower. But to make sure your budget is not exceeded, consider installing freestanding baths that comes in a wide range of sizes, designs, and materials.

The other option you can opt for is a walk-in shower installation that takes the least space and can be installed adjacent to the bath. The estimate of $2,300 is a rough estimate that may or may not include the plumber free.

Vanity Items – Costs Up To $1,000

Vanity Items

When it comes to enhancing the bathroom appeal and functionality, bathroom vanities, including basins, sinks, tubs, furniture, shower heads, vintage countertops, backsplashes and others are a low budget choice vanity options available in a wide range of colours and designs.

Lighting – Costs Up To $570

bathroom Lighting

To improve the elegance of your bathroom, investing in lighting installation can help a lot. Modern light fixtures, chandeliers, and colourful pendant lighting can draw attention to specific areas or highlight the interesting features in your bathroom that too within your budget.

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